Meadow Muffins in the Trail

meadowmuffins_lg Dodging Life’s Little Disasters
T.K. Galarneau

110 pp. ● 6×9
$8.95 (pb) ● $4.95 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-943837-20-5 (pb)
● 978-1-943837-21-2 (eb)

POETRY – Cowboy
POETRY – American – General
POETRY – Native American
POETRY – Women Authors

“Galarneau closes this collection with two thoroughly absorbing and well-crafted short stories . . . The theme here is, as the title should suggest to you, the minor . . . and sometimes more than minor . . . adversities one is apt to encounter along the path. Step lively, and try these out for yourself.” — Rick Huff, Western Way Magazine


Sometimes you’ll find meadow muffins in the trail of life. T.K. Galarneau follows up her debut book, A Cowboy Tradition, with new poems and stories about how she has confronted her own meadow muffins and other little disasters that makes life interesting. From relating tales about her beloved horse Dusty Rose to reminiscences about friends and family, Meadow Muffins in the Trail continues the great storytelling tradition through poetry of T.K. Galarneau.