Our Latest Acquisitions and Releases


Our latest release is Women of the Year by Karen Richard. In each month of 2015, Karen Richard wrote a story that focuses on an event during that month that impacts the life of an ordinary woman in an extraordinary way. Women of the Year deftly weaves together humor and poignant observation with pointed social and political commentary through the lives of ordinary women just trying to make sense of the world they live in.

The 2017 GusGus publication schedule begins with a memoir and a poetry collection.

Dog Church by Gail Gilmore. When Gilmore’s beloved dog is diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction she is faced with many emotionally complicated questions: What is the measure of a dog’s life? What do we owe to those whose lives we both cherish and steward? As she grapples with these questions and their implications, she becomes a regular visitor at the Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Dog Church is a story of finding comfort in faith and the ways in which the emotional threads of love and grief can bind complete strangers together for brief moments in time in ways that are ultimately life-changing.

It’s been twenty years since the publication of Gale Renee Walden’s first book of poetry, Same Blue Chevy. We are pleased to have the opportunity Walden’s second book of poetry, Where the Time Goes. Like Same Blue Chevy, Where the Time Goes is richly autobiographical as her poetry travels from desert to prairie, childhood to aging and back.

The publication date for Dog Church and Where the Time Goes is April 1, 2017.

Our Latest Acquisitions

We’ve rounded out our 2016 schedule with a pair of books that delve into the authors’ cultural heritages in very different ways.

Worn Masks by Phyllis Carito is a novella about a woman who takes on a journey of solving the mysteries that surrounded her family. Mary Grace as a child had always felt isolated. Her Italian parents, in their new American life and home had language barriers and emotional rigidity that left Mary Grace confused about who they and she really were. The story of her family begins to unravel with the unfolding of her mother’s life and the events that lead Mary Grace to walk in her own family’s footsteps to uncover the path her family has hidden for so long. Worn Paths will be available October, 2016.

Spectrum for an Untouchable by Meital Yanev, is an exploration through experimental poetic prose that explains Israel and what it means to be Israeli from the author’s own memories and draws upon the color spectrum, interweaving it with memories, shapes, unseeable images, and gaps of vision in order to describe and question a place. Look for Spectrum for an Untouchable November, 2016.

Our Latest Acquisitions

We are pleased to announce the addition of a pair of short story collections, a poetry collection, and a collection of short stories and poetry to GusGus’s 2016 publication schedule.

Elaine Burnes is no stranger to Bedazzled Ink. We published her first story, “A Perfect Life,” in the anthology Skulls & Crossbones: Tales of Women Pirates and several of her stories appeared in our old ezine Khimairal Ink. We’re also honored to have published her first novel, Wishbone. Now we have the privilege to publish another first from Elaine–a collection of her short stories. A Perfect Life and Other Stories will be published September 2016.

Karen Richard’s collection Women of the Year comes to us as the result of a failed experiment. At the beginning of 2015, we tried to resurrect the spirit of Khimairal Ink by posting a once of month challenge for short stories. While we got a few submissions, Karen grabbed onto the challenge with gusto and we decided that her stories–each taking place in the month they were written in–would make a great collection. Watch for Women of the Year in February 2016.

Cat Mac’s collection of poems is about getting out from negative influences and becoming a happy, healthy, poet-singer-songwriter. It also won the Milieu’s National Emerging Writer’s Contest presented by Simon Fraser University’s Creative Writing Program. under the influence will be out September 2016.

Ruth Rouff had submitted a collection of poems and a collection of short stories and we thought, why not publish both in a single volume–Pagan Heaven. Her work has been published in various literary journals, including Exquisite Corpse, Philadelphia Poets, Wilde Magazine, SNReview.org, and Four Ties Literary Review. Her young adult books, Ida B. Wells: A Woman of Courage and Great Moments in Sports were published by Townsend Press. Pagan Heaven will be available November 2016.

Our Latest Releases

GusGus has been busy since we opened the doors in September.

We brought over a pair of poetry books from Bedazzled Ink and they fit right in their new home.


A Cowboy Tradition: Poems From the Heart is T.K. Galarneau’s debut book of poetry of family and the cowboy way of life that defined her upbringing in Idaho. It’s an excellent companion piece to T.K.’s latest collection, Meadow Muffins in the Trail: Dodging Life’s Little Disasters. Giovanna Capone writes of her Italian-American heritage and how it defines who she is now in In My Neighborhood: Poetry and Prose from an Italian-American.

K. Simpson is back with dry humor and a penchant for the macabre in a collection of ghastly and quirky tales in Late Show & Then Some. Her Morbida’s Game is a funny, irreverent story that pokes fun at the obsessive world of online games


E.J. Runyon’s masterful use of voice, tense, and syntax captures the edgy quirkiness of the characters and life in Los Angeles in an entertaining tale of she said/she said in Your Little Red Book.



New From GusGus

The first offerings from GusGus Press are from authors who have also been published by Bedazzled Ink. Our cowboy poet, T.K. Galarneau has a new volume of poems and stories, Meadow Muffins in the Trail: Dodging Life’s Little Disasters. From relating tales about her beloved horse Dusty Rose to reminiscences about friends and family, Meadow Muffins continues the great storytelling tradition through poetry in her first book Cowboy Traditions: Poems From the Heart, which we’ve moved to GusGus Press. Meadow Muffins in the Trail will be published in September.


K. Simpson returns with another funny irreverent story that pokes fun at the obsessive world of online games. Morbida’s Game turns the world’s most popular online game on its ear when one of the online characters figures out how to escape the confines of of cyberspace and wreaks her own special kind of havoc on programmers and avid fans of the game. Morbida’s Game will be unleashed onto the world in late September.


Call for Submissions


Bedazzled Ink is launching GusGus Press with a call for submissions for an anthology Haunting Muses to be published in time for Halloween 2016. We’re looking for fiction, poems, or creative non-fiction of ghosts, dead or living in the sense of remembered lovers, family, or friends who somehow haunt or linger. So take a look at the Submission Guidelines . . . if you dare.