What is GusGus Press?

GusGus. What an odd name. There has to be a story there. We’re publishers, so there’s always a story.

Dazz’s Lil’ Gossip (GusGus) is a colt born February 25, 2015 to Infinitely Bedazzled, the horse that inspired the name for Bedazzled Ink Publishing. We decided to celebrate Dazz’s offspring with an offspring for Bedazzled Ink–a younger, half-tamed press devoted to the smaller forms of creative prose, poetry, chapbooks, short story collections, and small books that celebrate the unique and under-represented voices of women.

Who Are We?

C.A. Casey is the head of operations and senior editor at Bedazzled Ink Publishing. She spent twenty-five years as a librarian in academic libraries around the United States and has always had a love for the offerings of small literary presses–chapbooks, poetry books, broadsides. There’s something basic and honest about work that’s selected for its beauty, its wildness, its uniqueness, its rebellion, its challenging, conquering, and deconstructing how we put words on paper. Casey decided the time was right to have a small literary press of her own, with a little help from her friends at Bedazzled Ink.

GusGus Press is a division of Bedazzled Ink Publishing and the books are distributed through IPG.

If you have a book that might be a fit for GusGus Press, please submit your manuscript through Submittable.


Contact Us

We’re always happy to hear from people. Send us your questions, suggestions, or comments.

Please drop a message to bedazzledink@bedazzledink.com for:

  • Subsidiary rights
  • Permissions requests
  • Review copy or author interview requests
  • Desk copies
  • Bulk and special sales

Office hours:
9:00 to 5:00 PST
Monday thru Friday

GusGus Press is a division of Bedazzled Ink Publishing, LLC and is located in Fairfield, California.