Our Latest Acquisitions and Releases


Our latest release is Women of the Year by Karen Richard. In each month of 2015, Karen Richard wrote a story that focuses on an event during that month that impacts the life of an ordinary woman in an extraordinary way. Women of the Year deftly weaves together humor and poignant observation with pointed social and political commentary through the lives of ordinary women just trying to make sense of the world they live in.

The 2017 GusGus publication schedule begins with a memoir and a poetry collection.

Dog Church by Gail Gilmore. When Gilmore’s beloved dog is diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction she is faced with many emotionally complicated questions: What is the measure of a dog’s life? What do we owe to those whose lives we both cherish and steward? As she grapples with these questions and their implications, she becomes a regular visitor at the Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Dog Church is a story of finding comfort in faith and the ways in which the emotional threads of love and grief can bind complete strangers together for brief moments in time in ways that are ultimately life-changing.

It’s been twenty years since the publication of Gale Renee Walden’s first book of poetry, Same Blue Chevy. We are pleased to have the opportunity Walden’s second book of poetry, Where the Time Goes. Like Same Blue Chevy, Where the Time Goes is richly autobiographical as her poetry travels from desert to prairie, childhood to aging and back.

The publication date for Dog Church and Where the Time Goes is April 1, 2017.