Our Latest Acquisitions

We’ve rounded out our 2016 schedule with a pair of books that delve into the authors’ cultural heritages in very different ways.

Worn Masks by Phyllis Carito is a novella about a woman who takes on a journey of solving the mysteries that surrounded her family. Mary Grace as a child had always felt isolated. Her Italian parents, in their new American life and home had language barriers and emotional rigidity that left Mary Grace confused about who they and she really were. The story of her family begins to unravel with the unfolding of her mother’s life and the events that lead Mary Grace to walk in her own family’s footsteps to uncover the path her family has hidden for so long. Worn Paths will be available October, 2016.

Spectrum for an Untouchable by Meital Yanev, is an exploration through experimental poetic prose that explains Israel and what it means to be Israeli from the author’s own memories and draws upon the color spectrum, interweaving it with memories, shapes, unseeable images, and gaps of vision in order to describe and question a place. Look for Spectrum for an Untouchable November, 2016.