Our Latest Releases

GusGus has been busy since we opened the doors in September.

We brought over a pair of poetry books from Bedazzled Ink and they fit right in their new home.


A Cowboy Tradition: Poems From the Heart is T.K. Galarneau’s debut book of poetry of family and the cowboy way of life that defined her upbringing in Idaho. It’s an excellent companion piece to T.K.’s latest collection, Meadow Muffins in the Trail: Dodging Life’s Little Disasters. Giovanna Capone writes of her Italian-American heritage and how it defines who she is now in In My Neighborhood: Poetry and Prose from an Italian-American.

K. Simpson is back with dry humor and a penchant for the macabre in a collection of ghastly and quirky tales in Late Show & Then Some. Her Morbida’s Game is a funny, irreverent story that pokes fun at the obsessive world of online games


E.J. Runyon’s masterful use of voice, tense, and syntax captures the edgy quirkiness of the characters and life in Los Angeles in an entertaining tale of she said/she said in Your Little Red Book.