New From GusGus

The first offerings from GusGus Press are from authors who have also been published by Bedazzled Ink. Our cowboy poet, T.K. Galarneau has a new volume of poems and stories, Meadow Muffins in the Trail: Dodging Life’s Little Disasters. From relating tales about her beloved horse Dusty Rose to reminiscences about friends and family, Meadow Muffins continues the great storytelling tradition through poetry in her first book Cowboy Traditions: Poems From the Heart, which we’ve moved to GusGus Press. Meadow Muffins in the Trail will be published in September.


K. Simpson returns with another funny irreverent story that pokes fun at the obsessive world of online games. Morbida’s Game turns the world’s most popular online game on its ear when one of the online characters figures out how to escape the confines of of cyberspace and wreaks her own special kind of havoc on programmers and avid fans of the game. Morbida’s Game will be unleashed onto the world in late September.