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Women of the Year
Karen Richard
In each month of 2015, Karen Richard wrote a story that focuses on an event during that month that impacts the life of an ordinary woman in an extraordinary way. Follow the months as a woman helps a young woman into an abortion clinic, tells of her first kiss, finds a stray puppy, deals with the aftermath of a hate crime, follows a dead body action plan, selects the perfect companion, helps give the last wish of a dying Vietnam War veteran. Women of the Year deftly weaves together humor and poignant observation with pointed social and political commentary through the lives of ordinary women just trying to make sense of the world they live in.

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Congratulations to Elaine Burnes, her novel Wishbone won the GCLS “Goldie” Award to Dramatic/General Awards.


Karen Richard at GCLS in Alexandria, Virginia, holding a copy of Women of the Year and enjoying her first autograph session.

Ruth Rouff’s poem “Aguaria” is in the latest edition of Philadelphia Stories. “Aquaria” is in Ruth’s upcoming collection, Pagan Heaven.

Pagan Heaven is available for pre-order from your favorite bookseller and will be out in November.


Elaine Burnes (Wishbone and the upcoming A Perfect Life and Other Stories) has a story in Ylva’s new anthology Finding Ms. Write. “Bookstore Haze” is Elaine’s blog about her inspiration for her story “Consignment.”


Don’t forget to pre-order (ebook and paperback) Elaine’s A Perfect Life and Other Stories at your favorite bookseller.

Author Amy Hassinger takes a look at Gale Renee Walden’s poem “Autobiography,” which will be reprinted in Walden’s new book of poetry, Where the Time Goes, from GusGus Press.